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Poetry Center programs for 2022–23 are kindly supported by the Sam Mazza Foundation, the Poetry Coalition, the John F. Norton Trust, the Dorothy A. Fowler Trust, San Francisco State University College of Liberal & Creative Arts, Anonymous Donors, and Friends of the Poetry Center. Please join us!

From the Director


November 2022

Dear Friend,

Greetings. The Poetry Center is trying to raise $15,000 by January 1. Can you help us reach that mark? All of what you can give goes directly to supporting the poets who'll bring us their words this coming year.

Come February 2023, it will be 70 years since The Poetry Center started its operations — organizing the means and public space for poets to bring their work to audiences, paying the artists for their work, and documenting these unique presentations for the unpresupposable future. In recent months we've added some 50 video programs to our dedicated online archive, some going back to the 1970s (with real revelations and intimations of what the archive holds), and we're nearing a million viewers at Poetry Center Digital Archive.

Can you help us keep things rolling? We're aware not everyone can afford to make a donation. If you can, please do. One of the options if you hit the DONATE NOW button is to give a little each month, the way that I donate to KPFA-FM, one small $10 drop at a time, which becomes $120, a nicer drop, by year's end. Your one-time donation is also most welcome! We're working on new fundraising applications with foundations for this coming year, AND we still rely considerably on gifts from folks like you to keep this organization happening. 

This past year we'll have hosted 25 distinct events with over 60 poets and writers bringing their work your way. We'll be doing more outstanding programs in December — each of which offers (a backhanded gift from the pandemic) the option to tune in online, during or after the appointed time. Details below for these events, with lots more headed your way after we shift into the imminent New Year. 

Great good wishes to you as this year comes to its turn. And thank you for your kind donation to The Poetry Center. We rely most of all on friends like you!

Gratefully yours, 
Steve Dickison
Director, The Poetry Center

Contributions are tax-deductible within allowable limits of tax law.

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