In Common Writers Series: Prageeta Sharma and Dodie Bellamy, reading and in conversation

Thursday, October 1 - 7:00 pm PS to 8:00 pm PST
Remote access event
Prageeta Sharma + Dodie Bellamy

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The Poetry Center's In Common Writers Series welcomes poet Prageeta Sharma, author most recently of Grief Sequence (Wave Books), appearing from Los Angeles, together with Dodie Bellamy, whose book When the Sick Rule the World (Semiotext(e)) collects recent essays, here in San Francisco, reading and in conversation. With emcee, Norma Cole.
This remote access event takes place promptly at 7:00 pm Pacific Time, and is free and open to the public. Real-Time Captioning provided here. For other reasonable accommodation requests, please contact
The In Common Writers Series is supported by the Walter & Elise Haas Fund. Co-sponsored by The Poetry Center, Wave Books, Semiotext(e), and Artists' Television Access.
  • But then this, and I stopped being in those perceptual truths, of the mind’s eye seeing who was where; this was a kind of luxury of living in knowingness. I gave that up without understanding I had to.... there was not the send-off of which we held each other in the deepness of ourselves.... No. It was a disaster of insufficiency that now I learn is what death does with you, if you watch it take out what it needs. —Prageeta Sharma, from Grief Sequence
Prageeta Sharma is the author of the poetry collections Grief Sequence (Wave Books, 2019), Undergloom (Fence Books, 2013), Infamous Landscapes (Fence Books, 2007), The Opening Question (Fence Books, 2004), which won the 2004 Fence Modern Poets Prize, and Bliss to Fill (Subpress, 2000). She is the founder of the conference Thinking Its Presence: Race, Creative Writing, Literary Studies and Art. A recipient of the 2010 Howard Foundation Award, she has taught at the University of Montana and now teaches at Pomona College.
  • His kindness was authentic—he truly was a good person—but his kindness was also a shield. He needed to be loved, not just by me but by everybody, and if somebody didn’t love him, the musical went dark and he was devastated. I couldn’t protect him when he was alive, and the longer he’s dead the less I try. One thing I learned from Matias, who is Kathy Acker’s executor, is that all attention is good attention. Like Kevin, I need to say yes to everybody who wants a piece of him. —Dodie Bellamy, from "Anniversary"

Dodie Bellamy’s writing focuses on sexuality, politics, and narrative experimentation. She was the 2018-19 subject of the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art’s On Our Mind program, a year-long series of public events, commissioned essays, and reading group meetings inspired by an artist’s writing and lifework. Her most recent collection of hybrid essays is When the Sick Rule the World (Semiotext(e), 2015). A 17th-Anniversary editon of Cunt-Ups, her long out-of-print poetry collection, was released by Tender Buttons Press in 2018. Her essay “The Beating of Our Hearts” was presented at the 2014 Whitney Biennial. With Kevin Killian, she edited Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative 1977–1997 (Nightboat Books, 2017). Dodie Bellamy Is on Our Mind, a compendium of essays examining her career and writing, is new this year from Semiotext(e).


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