VIDEO + AUDIO Michael Gizzi's Collected Poems, a Celebration, at The Green Arcade

Saturday, October 3 - 2:00 am PST
The Green Arcade, 1680 Market Street, San Francisco
Photo of Michael Gizzi in front of a parking meter


  • Clark Coolidge
  • Micah Ballard
  • Dodie Bellamy
  • Alan Bernheimer
  • Katy Bohinc
  • Brandon Brown
  • Norma Cole
  • Susan Coolidge
  • Steve Dickison
  • Patrick Dunagan
  • Derek Fenner
  • Tonya M. Foster
  • Gloria Frym
  • Andrew Joron
  • Kevin Killian
  • Laura Moriarty
  • Jason Morris
  • Julian Poirier
  • Kit Robinson
  • Kit Schluter
  • Aaron Simon
  • Alli Warren
  • Stephanie Young

Michael Gizzi

Michael Gizzi (1949 – 2010) received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in literature from Brown University, worked as an arborist and taught high school in the Berkshires. He later taught at Roger Williams University and Brown. The author of 20 books of poetry, he organized scores of poetry readings, edited Hard Press, and founded QUA Books with Craig Watson. He died in Providence, Rhode Island, in September 2010.

“Michael Gizzi’s poetry lambastes as it celebrates, bringing us finally to a place of poignant irresolution.” — John Ashbery

“Impossibly rich, these jam-packed audibles are spring-loaded to jack-knife off the page.” — Kit Robinson

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The Poetry Center and The Green Arcade