VIDEO + AUDIO Poetry Coalition program on 'Poetry and Democracy' features Brandon Shimoda and Aisuke Kondo

VIDEO + AUDIO for our March 2019 "Poetry and Democracy" Poetry Coalition program, featuring poet Brandon Shimoda and artist Aisuke Kondo, is available at the event link below.

The Poetry Center is delighted to present poet Brandon Shimoda, with us from Tucson, Arizona, together with Japanese artist Aisuke Kondo, based in Berlin though at present a visiting scholar in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State. Both guest artists' current work is being considered and created in relation to the internment during World War II of Japanese American citizens and Japanese nationals living on the West Coast of the US in federally administered concentration camps — both artists' grandfathers were among those imprisoned.

We'll open this evening's program—one of many Poetry Coalition programs taking place around the country during March based on a common theme—at 6:00 pm with an unstructured, informal and contemplative gathering in the Ruth Asawa Garden of Remembrance, which is dedicated to the 19 San Francisco State University students who were imprisoned in the camps during World War II. At 7:00 pm, we'll move upstairs to The Poetry Center, Room 512 in the Humanities Building. Brandon Shimoda will present his poetry, and Aisuke Kondo will present his art, then the two of them will join in conversation, together with the audience. Free and open to the public. Please join us! 

“What is it then between us?” Poetry and Democracy
Brandon Shimoda with Aisuke Kondo
a special program in conjunction with the Poetry Coalition
Thursday MARCH 7
6:00 pm informal gathering at Ruth Asawa Garden of Remembrance, SF State
7:00 pm reading and presentation @ The Poetry Center
HUM 512, San Francisco State University, free and open to the public
supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation to the Poetry Coalition